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Side Effect: Night Sweats

What are Night Sweats?

Night sweats refer to excessive sweating during sleep that soaks through bed sheets and can cause discomfort and interruption of sleep. Night sweats can be a symptom of certain types of cancer (such as lymphoma), or they can be a side effect of certain cancer therapies.

Night Sweats

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Who gets Night Sweats?

How to prevent Night Sweats

Preventing night sweats in patients with cancer can be challenging, but some strategies that may help include wearing light and breathable clothing and maintaining a cool sleeping environment.

How to treat Night Sweats

Treatment depends on the underlying cause. If it is a symptom of lymphoma, effective treatment of the disease should help to decrease related symptoms, including night sweats.

If night sweats are caused by cancer therapy, certain medications that may help alleviate symptoms include:

It is extremely important to note that breast cancer and prostate cancer patients who are experiencing night sweats and are on active therapy should never take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) without talking with their oncologist first.

Created: January 15, 2024 Updated: March 14, 2024