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Mission statement:
To provide the best way to learn about cancer treatment through the use of audio, video, and web-based tools while allowing barrier-free global access.

Purpose: To help patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare providers to better understand vital information about cancer treatment and supportive care medicines, and to increase the likelihood of achieving goals of care while minimizing side effects. The best outcomes are realized when patients engage as partners in their own care. ChemoExperts empowers patients to participate in shared decision making by offering concise, relevant information in three unique, easy to understand formats: reading, listening and watching videos.

User Comment: "I like the ChemoExperts Tips segment at the conclusion of each medication type. This general tip appears to aid readers with questions they can ask their physician. It also directs them to other websites. It adds a personal touch like the ChemoExperts are right there saying hey, have you tried this, or have you thought of that." - E.N.
User Comment: "Thank you SO much for providing information on Bendamustine/Rituxan treatment. My co-worker's mom was recently diagnosed w/b-cell lymphoma. She was very confused w/her mom's diagnosis/treatment plan/regimen for these drugs. Your website provided us with the much needed info...and thank you for also providing the audio listener video, which really helped us understand better through listening. Thank you so much for your invaluable expertise...the public really needs more of this type of information." - P.D.
User Comment: "Just found your website while I was doing search for info on rvd treatment for multiple myeloma. Found it to be very helpful, and done in a way that even non-medical persons can readily understand. I viewed the videos contained in that section which were also very helpful. I do plan to read and or view more as I have the time. Thank you for a very fine website and presentation of the material." - A.B.
Clinician Comment: "I love your website and the functionality of your different chemo regimens AND calendar. I also find your treatment section a very helpful adjunct to give to patients when I talk to them. You include the most pertinent side effects, and just the right amount of info to not overwhelm the patient." - S.M.
Physician Comment: "Great Site. I am a practicing Oncologist in India and find this very useful" - Dr. Gupta

For the first time ever, you can listen to a cancer specialist pharmacist speak about the benefits and risks of specific chemotherapy regimens given in a hospital, outpatient clinic, or at home. You can listen to the pharmacist talk on your computer, smart phone, or tablet simply by clicking on the “Listen” button on the right side of the web pages, when available.

ChemoExperts are Doctors of Pharmacy (PharmD) who are specially trained in cancer and supportive care treatment. The ChemoExperts have decades of combined oncology (cancer) experience, including residency training. Our mission is to help patients, their families, and their caregivers better understand cancer treatments as well as supportive care medicines used to alleviate side effects.

Our team of Oncology Pharmacy Doctors is working daily in multiple settings across the country helping patients understand and work through their cancer drug treatments. The ChemoExperts pharmacists work in National Cancer Institute (NCI) accredited hospitals, clinics, and outpatient pharmacies.

Pharmacists work with doctors and nurses  to help patients and their families understand cancer drug treatments. ChemoExperts realize how complex, frightening, and difficult cancer drug treatment is. We want to make it easier for people with no medical background to understand the most important cancer drug information. Although we cannot give advice on how to treat specific cases, we feel there is a tremendous need to give quality cancer drug information in a format that is easy to understand for everyone. Pharmacists are uniquely trained in studying, evaluating, and interpreting high-level drug information for laypersons and other medical professionals.

Our website name and logo are important to us and symbolize the following:

1) We believe that the best outcomes are seen when patients engage as partners in their own care. Armed with the right information from our website, patients themselves can become ChemoExperts.

2) ChemoExperts would like to help you achieve the important goals of remission and cure. When someone has a cancer, remission and cure happen when cancerous cells are prevented from dividing uncontrollably. The ChemoExperts logo is designed to represent the cell cycle. Distinct breaks surrounding the outer circular bar represent disruptions in cell division, which occur with the successful use of anti-cancer therapy.

Who are the ChemoExperts?

Jeffrey A. Gilreath, PharmD (Co-founder, CEO, President)
Dr. Gilreath received his Doctor of Pharmacy in 2005 from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He completed post-graduate residency training at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, SC, where he specialized in hematology/oncology pharmacy. Dr. Gilreath has served as a clinical pharmacist at an NCI-designated cancer center since 2007. He has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals and serves on several committees including those at the hospital, college, and national level.

Jeff’s passion for patient care stems from an extensive family history of cancer. His mother, at the age of 16, nearly lost her life from osteosarcoma. If it were not for caring doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, Jeff nor his mother would be here today. Jeff’s mission in life is to touch the lives of others in the same positive manner that his own life has been affected by caring healthcare professionals.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within last 12 months that could influence current content): None

James A. (Andy) Stuart, PharmD (Co-founder, CFO, Treasurer)
Dr. Stuart double-majored in Chemistry and Pharmacy at the University of Missouri - Kansas City, in 1995. He then returned to academia to complete his Doctor of Pharmacy training from the University of Florida College of Pharmacy in 2010. Dr. Stuart worked at Huntsman Cancer Hospital from inception in July 2004, through late 2013. He has since served as a clinical oncology pharmacist at a major NCI outpatient cancer center in the U.S. The past 21 years of his career he has worked exclusively in inpatient and outpatient oncology at two NCI-designated cancer centers.

Andy’s devotion for patient care comes not only from having cancer strike close family members but the need to develop better ways to deliver quality drug information to patients, their families, and caregivers. Through careful listening to feedback from patients in the hospital and outpatient settings over the past 29 years as a pharmacist, Andy has developed keen insight and translation skills necessary to develop quality cancer drug information. Empowering patients by bringing thoughtful care and information in an understandable format is his passion.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Brandon Wilds, PharmD (Co-founder, COO, Secretary)
Dr. Wilds received his bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in 2009 from Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, PA. He then went on to complete his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2012 from the LECOM School of Pharmacy in Erie, PA. He completed post-graduate residency training at St. Vincent's Medical Center in Jacksonville, FL, and the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, where he specialized in hematology/oncology pharmacy. He currently works as an outpatient hematology/oncology clinical pharmacist at a regional cancer center verifying chemotherapy regimens and helping patients on a daily basis.

Brandon's dedication to patient care stems from personal and professional experiences seeing just how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be. Brandon strives to help patients going through this difficult time by bringing them accurate, thorough, and up-to-date information about their cancer treatment, thus giving them the ability to become more involved in their own care.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Daphne Goewey, PharmD, MBA (Content Contributor)
Dr. Goewey is currently the clinical pharmacy supervisor at a community hospital where she manages multiple pharmacies specializing in infusions and oral oncolytic medications. She has Bachelors degrees in Astronomy and Physics from the University of Florida and obtained her Masters of Business Administration and Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville in 2016. Dr. Goewey completed post-graduate residency training at SSM St Mary’s Hospital in St Louis. In her current role she works closely with medical oncologists, oncology nurses, and supportive staff to provide high quality, evidenced-based care to her patients.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within the last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Anthony Greenly, PharmD (Content Contributor)
Dr. Greenly received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2018 from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. He completed post-graduate residency training at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis, MN, and Orlando Health UF Health Cancer Center in Orlando, FL, where he specialized in hematology/oncology pharmacy. He currently works as an inpatient and outpatient hematology/oncology clinical pharmacist helping patients on a daily basis.

Anthony’s passion for patient care stems from personal history as a cancer survivor and the excellent care that he and his family received. His battle against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia at the age of 16 has given him a strong desire to give back to patients and families facing similar battles.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within the last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Colleen McCabe, PharmD (Content Contributor)
Dr. McCabe received her bachelor degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2014 from Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. She received her Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 2018. Upon graduation, she completed her Pharmacy Practice and Oncology Pharmacy Residencies at Emory University Hospital Midtown in Atlanta, GA. In 2019, she was the recipient of the Annual Hematology & Oncology Pharmacy Association Trainee Research Award for her research surrounding oral chemotherapy and the role of the pharmacist. In 2020, she became a Board Certified Oncology Specialist. She started as the clinical pharmacy specialist in the Sarcoma and Melanoma Outpatient Clinics at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN.

In 2019, Colleen served as a donor for a bone marrow transplant for an anonymous recipient with acute myelogenous leukemia. Colleen is motivated to provide all patients undergoing chemotherapy the resources and support they need to have the best experience and outcomes that they can.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Daniel L. Lancaster, LCSW (Content Contributor)
Daniel completed his Master of Social Work from the University of Utah and immediately began working in the emergency department of a Level 1 trauma center, followed by work at an NCI-designated cancer center. Deeply involved in both the medical and mental health treatment systems, Daniel developed a passion for working with people who experience comorbid medical/mental health disorders. He continues to operate a private practice specializing in the treatment of comorbid disorders and health-related trauma.

Daniel's mission and passion is to journey with those whose lives have been impacted by medical disease. This is to not only manage their illness-impacted life, but to find deep meaning and growth therefrom. Pursuant to this mission, Daniel is currently engaged in post-graduate work, pursuing a Ph.D. in the study of logotherapy and other existential therapeutic methods.

Conflicts of interest (includes grant receipt, honoraria received within last 12 months that could influence current content): None

Funding Source(s):
As of July 1, 2017, ChemoExperts began accepting revenue for advertisements in order to support our mission of offering barrier-free access to information on our website.

All advertisements must supply relevant content to the page upon which it appears and should aim to enhance the user experience by this material. Examples include, but are not limited to: banner ads which 1) provide further education pertaining to the drug(s) or disease, or 2) provide access to patient assistance or co-payment programs so that barriers to accessing medications are reduced.

Potential Conflict of Interest:
ChemoExperts uses an algorithm to prioritize new page construction. This algorithm creates a medical firewall so that the content being built remains separate from any advertising campaign in order to avoid bias and conflict of interest. Additionally, our algorithm ensures that older, yet equally effective drugs receive the appropriate attention they deserve so patients may continue to benefit from this information.

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