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Side Effect: Ear Infection (Otitis Media)

What is an Ear Infection (Otitis Media)?

What does an Ear Infection (Otitis Media) look like?

Symptoms of an ear infection may include:

Otitis media may also cause redness, swelling, or fluid buildup inside the ear which can be seen by your physician when they look into the ear using a device called an otoscope.

Who gets Ear Infections (Otitis Media)?

Ear infections are more common in children but can affect people of any age. Patients with head and neck cancers who are treated with radiation therapy are at an increased risk because radiation can sometimes damage the eustachian tube, the tube located in the middle ear that is responsible for drainage.

How do you prevent Ear Infections (Otitis Media)?

How do you treat Ear Infections (Otitis Media)?


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Created: May 3, 2024 Updated: May 3, 2024