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Side Effect: Double Vision (Diplopia)

What is Double Vision (Diplopia)?

Double vision, also known as diplopia, is a vision disorder in which a person perceives two images of a single object instead of one.

What does Double Vision (Diplopia) look like?

Who gets Double Vision (Diplopia)?

How to prevent Double Vision (Diplopia)

Preventing double vision involves monitoring for signs and symptoms of eye muscle weakness and promptly treating underlying conditions.

In some cases, regular eye exams may also be recommended to help detect any changes in vision in order to prevent small problems from becoming bigger ones.

How to treat Double Vision (Diplopia)

Treatment options for double vision in patients with cancer depend upon the underlying cause. In some cases, the cancer itself may need to be treated to alleviate the symptoms of double vision.

Supportive measures may include:

If symptoms are medication related, the offending agent may have to be adjusted or discontinued. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of the underlying cause of double vision can help prevent complications and improve quality of life.


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Created: May 19, 2024 Updated: May 19, 2024