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Side Effect: Benign Skin Tumor

What is a Benign Skin Tumor?

What does a Benign Skin Tumor look like?

There are various appearances associated with benign skin tumors, depending upon the type of tumor and the location on the skin. Generally, it is important to remember the acronym “ABCDE” when observing the skin. This refers to a mnemonic used that helps distinguish a benign skin tumor from a cancer like melanoma. Things to observe include:

In general, benign skin tumors have a well-defined border and a uniform color, and they may appear as a bump, nodule, or flat lesion on the skin.

Additionally, there are multiple benign skin lesions that all look and feel a little different. Some common types include:

Who gets Benign Skin Tumors?

Patients with cancer are not necessarily at a higher risk of developing benign skin tumors compared to the general population, although some cancer treatments do increase the risk. There are certain types of benign skin tumors that are more popular in certain individuals.

How long do Benign Skin Tumors last?

Benign skin tumors can last as little as a few days up to the remainder of a patient’s life. In some cases, the benign skin tumor resolves on its own. In other cases, it may remain present until surgically removed.

How do you prevent Benign Skin Tumors?

Preventing benign skin tumors in patients with cancer involves avoiding exposures that put a patient at risk of tumor development. These include:

How do you treat Benign Skin Tumors?

Benign skin tumor treatment in patients with cancer depend upon the subtype and location of the tumor. Additional factors include the patient’s overall health and cancer status. Different options are available including:

In some cases, the tumor may be left untreated and in other cases an intervention might be necessary to remove the tumor, especially if it is causing pain or discomfort.


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Created: May 3, 2024 Updated: May 3, 2024