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Autologous Stem Cell Transplant (autoSCT)

Autologous stem cell transplant or "bone marrow transplant" is a type of stem cell transplant in which a patient’s own stem cells are collected prior to administration of high-dose chemotherapy, or a combination of high-dose chemotherapy agents, with or without radiation.

High-dose chemotherapy is designed to kill more cancer cells, but it also destroys normal blood-producing cells in the bone marrow. Because of this, previously collected stem cells are infused after high-dose chemotherapy to allow the bone marrow to recover blood cell production faster and can prevent a potentially life-threatening infection from occuring.

NOTE: Treatment Options listed below are not all-inclusive. Other treatments may be available. ChemoExperts provides drug information and does not recommend any one treatment over another. Only your Doctor can choose your therapy.

Treatment Options

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Created: October 14, 2017 Updated: October 14, 2017