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Side Effect: Arthritis

What is Arthritis?

What does Arthritis look like?

The symptoms of arthritis can vary depending upon the type and severity of the disease.

Common symptoms in the affected joint include:

In more severe cases, arthritis can lead to joint deformities and disability.

Who gets Arthritis?

While arthritis is not directly caused by cancer, patients with cancer may be at higher risk for developing joint pain. Cancer that occurs near or in a joint, such as cancer that has spread to the bones, can lead to this type of pain and cause inflammation that mimics arthritis.

Additionally, patients being treated for cancer may be more likely to experience joint pain and stiffness as a side effect of certain medications. Types of cancer treatments that are known to cause joint pain include:

How to prevent Arthritis

Preventing arthritis during cancer treatment involves managing the underlying cancer, minimizing the risk of infection or other complications that can lead to joint inflammation, and recognizing when medicatinos may be contributing to arthritis.

Because it can be difficult to identify the cause or causes of arthritis, it is often helpful to keep a journal of your symptoms to show to your doctor, and include things such as:

How to treat Arthritis


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Created: April 26, 2024 Updated: April 26, 2024